What would you use in which part of your home? (Granite Vs Marble)

 While comparing marble to granite, we find that not only is granite stronger than marble. It does not lose its polish after long term exposure to water and does not easily stain in the presence of food acids like fruit juices, coffee, and wine like marble does.
On the other hand, marble is more aesthetically dramatic and beautiful. While granite comes in almost every colour imaginable, it has a relatively uniform look across a slab. Marble has a random variety of color swirls and veining, often including crystal pockets. And while it may not be as strong and versatile as compared to granite it is still a very strong stone, the majority of buildings from ancient Rome and Greece which still stand to this day is testament to that fact.

Let’s review which of these elegant stones are more suitable in the various parts of your home.
Kitchen Counter tops:
For kitchen counter tops we can confidentially assume that granite is the way to go. After ten years of use, marble counter tops tend to get scratched by knives, stained by food acids, and dull from water and cleaning solution, which wears away the polished surface. But a granite counter top after 10 years will appear virtually brand new.

kitchen-remodel-with-granite-island-topsTable Tops,
While also utilitarian, table tops are also considered decorative. And they certainly receive less abuse and spills than kitchen counter tops, especially if the table is outside the dining room. In this case, marble is the superior choice because of its superb beauty.

Marble vanities are expected in a beautiful bathroom. Marble is particularly attractive when wrapped around a Jacuzzi tub or garden tub, or on the walls of a shower. Marble vessel sinks are becoming the ultimate symbol of style and refinement in a bathroom. When it comes to the bathroom there is not choice between the two and marble cuts ahead of the competition.

Marble will wear down more quickly than granite, but since constant contact with moisture and acids is not common with flooring, marble is often chosen over granite. Marble graces the floors and stairs of virtually every palace in Europe. Its heritage alone gives it the upper hand on the floor.



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